First Time Buyers Guide: Devices

So you’re ready to make your first purchase. Finding the product that’s right for you is the most important part of your success. To get started we’ll go through a list of what is important to you and let you know what  to look for.

The Draw

In the world of vaping there are two styles; Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-to-Lung (DL). MTL vaping most closely resembles a cigarette, as you draw into your mouth before inhaling. Many customers start with MTL devices and some transfer into DL devices later. Some starter kits have to ability to do either style of vaping.

The Flavor

Flavor is determined by many factors, including the type of draw. Airflow and vapor production are the two biggest factors. Going with a larger tank or coil will usually make more vapor and therefore more flavor.

Ease of Use VS Control

There are small devices so easy to use you simply have to puff on them, to devices you can plug into your computer to program. Many first time buyers find the ‘one button operation’ devices easy to use and understand, while others like being able to adjust their settings and see it on a display screen. Having more control does typically mean the device can last longer as it can adapt if your habits change (like MTL to DL styles), but those devices do cost more. If the device you want seems too costly, looking at a cheaper option with less control to get started can still be a good path. Upgrading later ensures you have a good backup device (which is never a bad idea).

The Battery

When looking at devices the type of battery will also be important. In the starter kits there are two types; internal and single 18650. The internal battery devices are simpler and plug into a USB port for charging. This simplicity comes at a cost of having to wait while the device is charging and if the device goes bad, the whole unit needs replaced. With the single 18650 devices the separate battery allows for you to purchase a charger and extra batteries. That way you’re never waiting for power and you can carry that extra power with you. Most single 18650 devices can also be charged by USB as well, making them more like the internal battery devices. 18650 batteries do come with their own hazards. Knowing and understanding your batteries safe handling instructions is one of the most important aspects of vaping. Always follow the manufacturers warnings and recommendations.

To Pod or Not To Pod?

Pod systems have become a popular option for those looking for smaller, easy to use, more discrete devices. Another major benefit of pods is the ability to use multiple pods so that you can easily switch flavors throughout the day. Pods are basically the tank and coil all in one unit. Pre-filled pods are disposable and while easy to use they do come at a much higher price tag. Most options at Atmosphere Vapors are open pods that can be filled with e-liquid and re-used until the end of the coils life. Some pods even have replaceable coils (making upkeep and environmental costs even less).

If a pod system looks right for you, it’s also important to consider the type of e-liquid needed for that pod. Some pods will require different types of e-liquid and you may not have all of our e-liquid selection available. Please check each product description for each pods e-liquid requirements. Most pods will require higher nicotine content and are compatible with Joost Vapor which offers a wide variety of flavors in higher nicotine strengths. See more about different types of e-liquid here.