E-liquid By Size


Our selection of 30ml bottles consists of only one brand; Joost Vapor. Joost is a 30ml lineup created by premium juice manufacturers to give more cost effective options in their retail stores. While some vapor shops sell “30ml house juice”, these 30mls are made with the same high quality ingredients and care as any other e-liquid on our shelves. With our tiered pricing system Joost is more budget friendly than most of our 60ml selection and offers the ability to choose multiple flavors at the same cost. This is our most highly recommended lineup for new vapers.

Tiered Pricing- 1 for $13, 2 for $22, 3 for $30, 4 for $36
*VG/PG ratios are 50/50 with the exception of 3mg, which is 70/30


Our selection of premium 60mls consists of some of the most well known brands on the market as well as smaller brands that we’ve found are doing things right. We carefully vet each lineup we carry so you can be certain you’re getting some of the best e-liquids around.

Price Range- $20-$25

100mls & 120mls (Big Bottle)

Atmosphere Vapors offers large bottles of premium e-liquid to provide a better value to those that go through a lot of e-liquid. Keep in mind that if you are using a smaller device it may take you some time to go through a big bottle.

Price Range- $30-$35


When buying e-liquid at Atmosphere Vapors keep in mind;

  • That each flavor is only in one size. In other words, if you find a 60ml you like we will not have a smaller or larger bottle.

  • Some lineups or brands have tiered pricing that make them a better value the more you purchase (30ml bottles for example).

  • Typically, the larger the bottle, the better the value.